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Jumbo Magnetic Poetry

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Choose any of our existing magnet sets (including our custom Build-Your-Owns!) and Super-Size them to gigantic proportions that even your great-great-great-great grandsomething can read from a distance! At 1-inch tall each, they are over twice as tall as our standard magnets (check out the photos to compare), making them a huge hit on giant magnetic surfaces. These would make a great party game that everyone would be able to see and play, or a fantastic addition to a classroom!

With around 500 magnets in our standard magnet sets, our magnets are very similar in quality, thickness, and style to the magnet sets that are sold in stores. They are crafted of a thick, high quality magnet, cut with a professional grade precision cutting machine, and laminated to safeguard from any nearsighted rhymesters that may lurk around your fridge or locker.

Upon purchasing, please include which magnet set you would like to Super-Size in the "Note To Seller" field, as well as font and color choices if desired. Due to the nature of our "Jumbo" magnets, these will be packaged in cut but unseparated magnet sheets. Magnets are easily separated by folding/creasing along the edges and gently pulling them apart.

As with all of our other magnet sets, the magnets you will receive are very similar in quality and size/style to the magnet sets that are sold in stores. They are crafted of a high quality magnet and laminated to safeguard from the elements that may lurk around your fridge or locker. Packaged in an adorable clear Chinese take-out style container, these magnets will surely put a smile upon your face or that of your lucky gift recipient.

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Thank you so much for visiting our shop and supporting handcrafting artisans! 100% handmade by a husband/wife team with love!

Holiday Custom Orders
Build-Your-Own will no longer be available to order after September 15 to prepare for the holiday season. They will be available again for purchase after January 1. If you are considering one of these as a gift, please purchase prior to September 15.

Please be sure to keep ALL magnets out of reach of younger children who still mouth items. Magnets are extremely dangerous when swallowed, and our magnets are small enough to be easily swallowed even by the littlest people. Click here for more information regarding the dangers of magnets.