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Blue and Purple Flower Alphabet Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant

Blue and Purple Flower Alphabet Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant

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Add a touch of feminine charm to your look with these cool toned lace and floral letter pendants! Customize your magnetic necklace with your initial, or choose several magnets to spell words or names on your magnetic surface. Be sure to browse all of our listings for other whimsical designs to mix and match and create your perfect pendant collection - you can mix and match from all of our designs!

Geek Gift Shoppe's magnetic pendants are interchangeable, creating endless customized possibilities for wear! Our 1-inch magnetic buttons are the perfect size for a pendant necklace, and fit *most* Magnabilities jewelry as well. Alternatively, all of our designs can be made into pin-back buttons, or you can purchase the magnet buttons without the necklace for home and office decor.

You can choose as little or as many magnet buttons to add to your collection. We have thousands of options to choose from and we continually add new designs. With free shipping within the US, be sure to come back to add to your stockpile often!

We package our buttons "Bingo Card" style (as seen in product pictures above), which makes for a very unique and wondrous presentation for gift giving.

How to Purchase:

1. Grab a pen and paper and browse all of our possibilities! Write down the product number for each button you would like. Be sure to browse through all of our "Magnetic Pendants" listings!

2. Choose your option: pin-back pins, magnets only, or necklace/pendant set and quantity of buttons/magnets. If more than 25 buttons/magnets are desired, you will need to add another to the cart as a separate item. Shipping is free within the US, so stock up!

3. Upon purchase, include your button choices AND necklace finish in the "Note to Seller" field so we can build your perfect collection! If there is a particular button you want set into the necklace for packaging (the very center square on the Bingo card pictured above), please let us know that as well, otherwise it will be done at random.

All of our plated, nickel-free necklaces are 24 inches long (except for our black necklaces, measuring 18 inches) and feature lobster clasps. We use very strong ceramic magnets in our buttons, which creates a strong, secure magnetic bond with its pendant tray. While we do choose a powerful magnet for our products, please be aware there is always the risk of one of the buttons coming off, especially for people who like to fidget. Be especially considerate if deciding to gift these to a young child - magnets are an incredibly dangerous item to swallow. Also, be sure to LIFT your magnets off of your refrigerator/magnetic surface, rather than slide them. Because of their strength, refrigerator surfaces are easily scuffed if not handled with care.

Gift Wrap
Thinking that our magnetic pendants would make a great gift? Don't forget to choose the "Gift Wrap" option at check out! Our necklaces are perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santas, White Elephants, birthdays, housewarming gifts, Reddit Exchanges, or "Just because!" We can ship directly to the recipient, and we do not include invoices!


Please be sure to keep ALL magnets out of reach of younger children who still mouth items. Magnets are extremely dangerous when swallowed, and our magnets are small enough to be easily swallowed even by the littlest people. Read the following link for more information regarding the dangers of magnets:

Blue and Purple Flower Alphabet Magnetic Pendant / Interchangeable Magnet Necklace / Monogram Jewelry / Flower Button/ Mothers Day Gift / 1 Inch Button / Refrigerator Magnet / Floral Necklace